Three Interior Decorating Secrets To Steal

Interior decorators have studied the art of rearranging furniture in a manner that makes your room look like a painting. It’s no wonder that they can transform a shabby room into a chic one that’s worthy of being featured in one of those glossy home magazines. However, what if you do not have the resources to hire a professional decorator? Does that mean your room can never have that “put together” look? Of course not! The truth of the matter is that there are some universal rules that interior decorators follow when designing spaces, and below are some of the ideas that they swear by:

No Furniture against the Wall.

If you want to breathe an air of elegance into your room in a snap, then pull back pieces of furniture away from your walls. For instance, in your living room, mark an imaginary circle or square on the inner areas of the room and cluster all of the pieces of furniture you have in this space. This allows you to have better views of your room walls and also ensures great traffic. By pushing the furniture away from the wall, you can adorn your windows with flowing curtains and draperies, and be assured that they will be appreciated.

Three Interior Decorating Secrets To Steal

Lighting is just as Important as the Rest of your Furniture.

Have you ever noticed how lighting can make or break how you look like in a picture? That only underscores the importance of wonderful lighting. A good light fixture can complete the look of a room or it can completely ruin everything. Don’t be scared to pick out unique and edgy light fixtures for as long as it binds the entire look of the room. For instance, pick out a chandelier made of jade and turquoise glass for a dining room that features upholstered seats with dotted brown fabric. Not only does the pattern match but the color does, too.

Mix, not Match.

If you want to really make your room stand out, then avoid being to matchy and take a bold leap into mixing furniture pieces together.  Remember that your choice of color can greatly affect the room’s appearance. Of course, you also need to have a focal point or a main item that binds everything together. This can be your coffee table, or the fireplace. Pick out pieces which complement or bring out the beauty of your focal point and choose a color palette which connects all the pieces you’ve picked out for your room.

The appearance and consistency of a space is another thing to be considered when designing the interior. For large and bright areas, it is better to keep the surface slightly rough. Silk and stain can create natural and stimulating settings. For contemporary designs, sharp and minimalist designs can be used. This is best represented by metals, chrome, nickel which create sleek and neat look. The great furniture in display  at Nick Scali show some good example. If the owner prefers an ethnic or rustic theme, then wooden furniture is more suitable.

Carla Montez, the writer, is an avid shopper of furniture. She always love writing about various furniture perfect for homes and give practical advice to home shoppers. She is passionate about transforming homes and offices with the best interior design tips.