Tips For Buying Quality Breakdown Cover

Breakdown of vehicles is quite common on the busy roads around the world. It causes many problems apart from financial burden. That’s why buying breakdown cover from prominent companies including Vehicle Recovery London is advantageous.

Following tips can be of great helpful to buy quality breakdown cover at competitive costs:

Check the existing cover – Better check the running insurance policy that may be still in force with additional benefits like a freebie or add-on etc. If so, get it upgraded with the additional requisite ones.

Type – Usually two types of cover are available, i.e. “Vehicle” or “Personal”. The former type entitles breakdown help for a particular car, no matter you drive your own car or it is driven by someone else. The second type of cover provides insurance cover for breakdown for any type of vehicle. Such a policy is good for travelling in driving more than one car or often travelling with others.

Level of Cover – The levels of cover depend upon their price and the relevant services. Following five levels are generally available:

Tips For Buying Quality Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance – It entitles the car owners to have the car fixed by the roadside or towed to the nearest garage. It may include free labor, for up to one hour. Replacing the parts may incur extra charges. This type of cover is applicable generally for a distance of ¼ to 1 mile radius of the property.

Vehicle Recovery – It usually includes the roadside assistance and transportation of additional passengers (up to seven persons) to the desired destination.

Home start – At times the vehicle may break down at home itself or on the road. Such type of level is beneficial in these conditions and the providers may include vehicle recovery too.

Onward Travel – You may have to spend some time, say few days in a hotel after your vehicle breaks down. This cover is beneficial as it covers the accommodation expenses and that of car hire too during repairs of the car.

European breakdown cover – It may be available as a standard feature that offers cover on the continent during the full year. Or else a ‘single tripe’ add on may be included under such cover. You should choose the particular option depending upon the frequency of your foreign travels.

Service Provider – Now that you have chosen the type and level of insurance cover for the vehicle breakdown, go ahead with opting for the apt service provider. Do consider the cost of the insurance cover but do not ever compromise with the quality of services for few dollars. Do check whether the company has its own patrols or is assisted by local garages. Both are advantageous. Prefer to choose the one with a wide network of patrols and with the minimum waiting period for the recovery van to reach the spot. Few companies like Vehicle Recovery London offer membership benefits. The reputed companies usually give priority to the clients travelling with their families and children. This point should also be considered before opting for any service provider.