Tips For Putting Carpet In The Bathroom

The bathroom is usually one of the most widely used rooms in most homes and business. It is important to make sure that your bathroom is well designed and well maintained with appropriate fixtures, flooring, and a good overall design. One of the more unorthodox design choices is to put some type of carpeting in the bathroom. Still this is not a very commonly used option among homeowners; it is possible to put carpet in the bathroom if you follow some of these simple tips.

Use a Strong Carpet Adhesive

In addition to choosing bathroom carpeting that will match with your room design, it is important to keep the carpet in usable shape. One of the biggest issues with having carpet in the bathroom is that there will be more moisture than in any other room of the house. Splashes from the sink and condensation from a hot shower are just a few of the ways that the carpet can get wet and become too damaged to continuing using in your bathroom. The first way to fix this issue is to make sure that a strong carpet adhesive is used so that it does not come up from the floor. An indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive is a good way to limit this issue. It will keep the carpet in place and serve as a good way to block unwanted moisture from getting under the floor.

Utilize Thin Carpet

A plush carpet will have no place in a bathroom. The thicker the carpet, the better absorbent of liquid the carpet will be. For that reason, a thin carpet is the best option for any bathroom. It will limit the potential for mildew and damage to the carpet over the course of its life. A thinner carpet will be able to dry more quickly than a thick carpet, and it will also be less likely to hold in any dust, dirt, or hair that will end up in the bathroom.

Tips For Putting Carpet In The Bathroom

Use Mats or Rugs

Another very good way for you to limit moisture can be to place mats near the sink and bathtub. Since the most water will come from these two sources, this will give a moisture buffer between the liquid and the actual installed carpet. Utilizing bathmats or smaller rugs can be a great design option and an effective way to stop damage to the carpet.

Use Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an option to get carpeting in the bathroom without having to replace the entire floor if it has been hit with water damage. Carpet tiles can be a more inexpensive option and they can be replaced on a piece by piece basis as repairs are needed. This makes them a great option for those on a budget and those who do not want to be dealing with large projects in the future.

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