Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For The Winter

Winter can be a dark, cold and dismal time of year, but that doesn’t have to stop your home from being a cozy, warm and relaxed retreat. Turn your home from the Summer sun to Winter warm with a few simple, inexpensive ideas.

Throws and Cushions

These not only add warmth to your home (and cut down your heating bill) they can also add a splash of colour to brighten it up. Burgundy, purple and blue are all bold, vibrant and intense colours that will instantly give a snug feel to your home.

If these colours are too daring, try soft yellows and gold’s to give the same effect but a little more subtle. Sheepskin, velvet, wool and faux fur are all suitable materials to use for cushions. Cushions can make a real statement in your home, especially the living room. The different textures give a cozy feel and won’t break the bank.

Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For The Winter

Firelight and Candles

A wood burning stove instantly connects to the thought of Winter adding warmth and soft glows to your home. Winter scented candles and diffusers are equally a great way to combine a splash of colour and aroma to your abode.


Wood and tiled floors are perfect for those hot Summer days, however, when Winter makes an appearance, it is time to give your feet a treat. Fluffy rugs are a quick and easy way to immediately heat up your room and reduce draughts.

Deep, rich, reds and greens again make a room more inviting and emphasise your Winter look.

Thick curtains

Insulation is a necessity during the chilly Winter months and thick, heavy lined curtains are a perfect way to stop your house loosing heat through the windows. They are also multi-purpose as they will keep the heat out during those hot Summer months too. They also incorporate a touch of colour and elegance to your living room.


Nothing says Winter more than walking into your home to the aroma of soups and stews simmering away in the kitchen. These rich flavours will float through your home filling it with tasty Winter smells.


Beautiful vibrant flowers are a must for the fresh Summer months, however, not as practical for the wintry time of year. However, accessories within the home are still an essential all year round. Swap stylish vases for chunky baskets of logs, pinecones and potpourri to give your home that season appropriate feel.

Whatever your DIY project for the coming winter months, improve your home with supplies from Tradefix Direct.