What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Stainless Steel Bars?

Stainless steel bars are a crucial aspect of industries and other building projects. Such kind of of steel bar is created with the help of alloyed low corrosive materials like chromium and steel so that it can attain a stainless property which gives a glossy and resistant finish to the bars.

There are 2 common types of Stainless Steel bars:

  • Hot finished bar (inside the furnace)
  • Cold finished (outside the furnace in molten state) bar

The hot finished bars are believed to be better than the cold finished one in terms of tensile strength and quality. The hot finished ones a bit costlier than the cold finished bars.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Stainless Steel Bars?

There are many advantages that are offered by stainless steel bars. Some of them are

  • Anti-Corrosive Bar: A stainless steel bar holds a protective shield against rust and corrosion that takes place when metals oxide in the presence of moisture. Since, these bars never corrode this means that they can be used for a longer period of time without any difficulties. Along with that, some buildings that are constructed over sea or water use these bars as a foundation because of their anti-corrosive property. For instance, Burj Al Arab a magnificent luxurious hotel of UAE used stainless steel bars in the second layer of foundation, so that it can attain a powerful ground support.
  • Amazing Life Span: The life spans of these bars are tremendous. Rather, there are many age old architectural structures that are still with us today only because they were made out of stainless steel. This definitely proves how versatile these structures can be.
  • Malleable: So far, this is one of the best property of stainless steel and that is it can be encored into any shape that you want because of malleability of this material.
  • Recycled: The bars that are used for construction or any other purpose can be recycled again and again without any trouble. One thing can be noted here that stainless steel can be recycled for about 1000 times and still it holds the same finish and gloss it had when it was brand new.
  • Available in different grades: The common stainless steel bars that are used today are available in three different variants depending upon their quality. Some of these grades are 304 used for general purpose, 316 graded for marine tools and 430 for refrigerating tools.

There are just a few disadvantages that are associated with the reliable stainless steel bars.

  • Created at High temperature: Stainless steel bars are structured inside a blast furnace so that they can attain proper shape and required properties too.
  • Heavy: Stainless steel bar is a bit heavy; hence there are various machines that have been introduced to handle these bars.