Where To Rent High End Apartment and Condos In Mallorca

There are several places in Mallorca where one can rent high end apartments and condos. In order to make the visit of our tourists a comfortable one, we have listed a few areas where one can put up.

Where To Rent High End Apartment and Condos In Mallorca


This is the reference number to an apartment in Mallorca that accommodates between four and six people. It is located at the base of the mountains in a perfect section to the east of Mallorca. It has both indoor and outdoor pools and is located near shops, a bank and restaurant. Its price ranges from £495 a week.


This is the reference number to an apartment in the beach side of Port d’Alcudia. It can house between four and five people and has a communal pool and another small pool for kids. It boasts of a rustic build style and overlooks the beach side near Alcúdia Marina. It is located near shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bars. Its price is £350.a week.


Refers to an apartment found in central Sóller. This is a quiet location that is close to a supermarket, a town center and a bus station. It features a free wifi SAT TV dish washer, washing machine, oven, cooker and a refrigerator. Price is from €450.a week.


This is the reference to an apartment in Deia. It is more of a traditional house that has been designed to become extremely stylish, well equipped and comfortable. It houses about four people. It has a wonderful view of the village, mountain side and the church atop the hill. Price range is £380.for a week.


Is the reference number to an apartment found in the north east of Mallorca. It can house between two and five people. It is very near the edge of water, with a large terrace, beautiful view of the sea and a communal pool. The villages of art, Capdepera and Cala Rajada are nearby with nice restaurants and shops. The price is £420 a week.


The apartment is located very near the beach in Port Sóller. It can house four people, has a two bathrooms, a shared pool and is near shops and restaurants. Its exterior is covered by a terrace overlooking the port.


This apartment is located in SesCovetes and it houses about four people. It has a pool, a garden and tennis with a nine minute walk to the beach. The place is calm and ideal for relaxing with young children. Services of gas stations, banks, restaurants and supermarkets are nearby. Price is from €350 a week.


This house is in Fornalutx at the coast, North West of Mallorca. It houses four people, has two bedrooms ensuite with two bathrooms. There is an old wheat mill with a kitchen, sitting area and a dining room. It boasts of a fabulous view of the mountain from the upper sitting room. There is free wifi internet and an air conditioned fireplace to make your evenings warm. It is only two minutes walk from the picturesque village. The bars, restaurants, cafes and shops are close by. Ten minute drive to port Sóller beach. Price is €810.a week.

Hope you will enjoy your stay in Mallorca.