Which Diamond Blade Saw Should You Buy?

Just as with any other type of saw intended for any other type of a – the RIGHT Diamond Saw Blade can actually save you up into the thousands of dollars depending on the size and scope of your project. Therefore, taking a few moments to review the important deciding factors before purchasing your next Diamond Saw Blade should help you make a wiser decision that will give you a longer lasting blade to save you time and money.

Which Diamond Blade Saw Should You Buy?

The following is an explanation of the three important questions you need to ask before purchasing a Diamond Saw Blade:

How Hard of a Material will you be Cutting?

This is a more important question than you may at first realize. This is simply because different Diamond Saw Blades are optimized for different types of material. The softer the material you need to cut, the harder the bond on the blade itself. Conversely, diamond saw blades with a soft bond more frequently expose the blades diamonds which is needed to cut harder materials.

Using the wrong Diamond Saw Blade on the incorrect hardness of material can lead to quickly damaging the blade itself and unreliable craftsmanship. Both with cost you time and money you cannot afford. So the first thing you need to know is how hard the material is that you intend to cut with the blade.

How much Material will you have to Cut in Total?

Here you need to weigh performance against the cost of the blade. If you have a large job that requires lots of cutting, you need a blade that will last through your project’s lifetime. However, if you don’t have that much to cut, perhaps you could save money by buying a blade you know won’t last as long simply because you don’t need it to. This can save hundreds of dollars – so if you are on a small or budget project, this can be a viable way to save some money. Don’t forget, though, that if you need to cut a large volume you’ll save time and money in the long run by buying a top quality blade even if it costs hundreds more.

What Type of Saw do you have?

Just like with any other type of blade – using it on the wrong saw can cause all kinds of issues. You can find you are unable to cut at all, or unable to cut safely. This can result in any number of safety or time concerns that can derail a project. It may seem rather basic, but here are a few things to keep in mind specifically when picking out a Diamond Saw Blade:

  • Make sure that it matches the TYPE of saw you will be using (Tile, Hand, Masonry, etc.)
  • You must know how wide of a blade diameter your saw can accept to ensure the blade fits it.
  • How big is your saw’s arbor? Will it fit the saw?
  • What is your saw’s MAX RPMs? Is this compatible with the needs of the Diamond Saw Blade?
  • Last but not least – do you need a dry or a wet blade? You can use most Dry Diamond Saw Blades for wet cuts, but the same is not true in reverse, which can be dangerous to both the saw and operator.

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