Who Invented The Hot Tub?

The Hot Tub has been enjoyed for over 40 years, whether at home, public pools or in a resort setting, we may take this invention for granted. The jets deliver relaxation, soothing much needed relief from pain associated with injuries, general soreness and Arthritis. Invented in the late 1960’s it changed the way people relax and are rehabbed.

Jacuzzi Brothers In the early 20th Century seven brothers whose last name was Jacuzzi immigrated from Italy to California. Their company, the joint business they started in 1915 bore their last name which would become synonymous with Calgary hot tubs. Engineers by trade they created aviation products including the first pitched propeller as well as the first enclosed monoplane.

Who Invented The Hot Tub?

First Pump

In 1956 the brothers wanted to help a family member who suffered from Arthritis and as a result invented the first hydrotherapy pump, the J300 portable pump. Hydrotherapy means the use of water to treat body ailments, the pump could be used in the bathtub to agitate water. In return this would soothe a person’s body aches and pains including those of Arthritis sufferers. Soon the business became well known and sold pumps across the country.

First Whirlpool Bath

Roy Jacuzzi was a third generation living in California and began learning the family business as a teenager. He continued the family tradition and took their concepts to a whole new level inventing the first whirlpool bath in 1968. His design incorporated the use of jets imbedded in the sides of the bathtub.

First Hot Tub

Later the company invented larger tubs that could hold more people and started to include heating systems to keep the water hot and filtration systems that would clean the water, launching a hot tub that would become known as a spa.

Hot Tubs Today

When referring to a hot tub the name Jacuzzi is used interchangeably and have become affordable for most homeowners. In general hot tubs are now larger with room to hold more people owing to better filtration systems and stronger jets. Your backyard hot tub can be a stand alone type or built into your landscaping or near your pool. Hot tub surrounds typically are wood or stone and include add ons such as refrigerators or retractable televisions

transforming your backyard into an all season haven.