Why Hard Floors Enhance A Home

In recent years more and more people are making the switch from carpets to hard flooring.  There are a number of reasons as to why people make this move, including; easy cleaning, durability, aesthetics, heating purposes, and much more.

Many people make the switch for hygiene reasons, hard flooring is much easier to clean and doesn’t grip germs like material does. Most hard floors can be mopped very easily, they can also be polished and steam cleaned with little worries, resulting in an ultra-clean floor. An ultra-clean floor is especially beneficial if you have children at home who play on the floor. Hard wood flooring is very difficult to stain and all spillages can be wiped away. Carpets soak up everything, from dirt to wine, and they require very expensive cleaning methods to get hygienic again. Cleaning a carpet can be very difficult also.

Why Hard Floors Enhance A Home

 If you have pets then you’ll probably be aware of how much hair they shed! Carpets cling to pet hair like Velcro to wool; even the most intensive cleaning methods often don’t get rid of hair. Hair holds just as many germs as the carpet itself. Hard wood floors also massively reduce the chance of fleas or ticks living in your home, fleas love carpets; they are the perfect hiding place. Fleas and ticks cannot live on hard floors for even short amounts of time, so having them in your home is possibly the best idea if you have pets.

Another great benefit to having hard flooring at home is for aesthetic purposes, hard flooring can turn any space into an elegant looking bespoke environment. Hard flooring comes in the form of synthetically made materials and real wood, synthetic flooring is usually very hard wearing. Real wood holds heat very well and can be polished to a fine sheen. There’s something about having real wood in a building that brings out an edge no other material can rival.

Hard wood flooring is often installed for heating purposes; under floor heating usually requires hard wood. Carpets and upholstered floors pose a vast fire risk and wouldn’t ever heat effectively. Under floor heating has been a huge success at making hard floors warm. A heavily polished floor can be very cool to the touch, but with under floor heating it absorbs all of the heat and radiates it out, the floor essentially becomes a radiator of warmth.

Believe it or not, but hard wood floors are more fire safe than carpets. Carpets are usually full of flammable plastics and dyes, whereas hard wood floors are usually just 1 or 2 thoroughly fire proofed components.

Hard flooring is probably the most popular form of flooring in today’s day, and it makes complete sense; there are so many positives to having wood flooring and very few negatives.  Carpets are usually more expensive, they also are nowhere near as durable and they cost more to clean. Hard wood floors arguably look far better than carpets, as well as being insanely easy to clean and providing the potential of under floor heating. It makes sense to install hard wood flooring at home, for a whole host of reasons. If you want to spruce up your hardwood floor but without replacing it then professional floor sanding can be a great bet to restore and enhance the floor and your home without the expense.