Wood Floor Installation

Home improvement has a way of adding that special touch or that attractive feeling to your home. Redecorating and redesigning can really enhance the appeal and overall appearance of your home or business place. Because one of the simplest ways to boost the glam quotient of your home is to install a “hardwood floor.This is sobecause wood tends to expand and contract with moisture. However, as wood is also pretty expensive,many home owners usually shy away from having hardwood floorinstalled in their homes or office places.

While there are other types of flooring available, wood floors are the most popularly used ones. As wood flooring is one of the most challenging process in your entire home improvement process, it’s therefore important for you to hire the right company to do it for you. The BSI flooring is a Company that specializes in wood floor installation. Here we present you with the different types of wood flooring that you can choose from that may be most suitable to your desire.

1: Engineering Wood Floor

This type of wood flooring are typically used in areas where solid wood flooring cannot be installed such as kitchen, utility rooms, basements and power rooms, where moisture is of great concern. We make Engineering floors using layers of wood that are pressed together and then glued together.


2: Solid Wood or Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring also has different sizes from 3/8” and up to ¾”. These solid woods are best used in places that normally receives high heat since they are very durable and resistant to direct sunlight. BSI flooring professionals will provide you with solid hardwood that is great for ground levels and up, because they usually last for a very long time.

3: The Acrylic Impregnated Flooring

In carrying out this type of wood flooring, acrylics are injected into the wood, which then creates solid hard and highly durable wood flooring. Most of the times, these are used for public places such as shops and restaurants, shopping malls or just about any place that is usually visited by people like the kitchen, family rooms and what not. Whichever may be your desire for installation, BSI flooring has all the equipment necessary to give you a warm and cozy appeal for the installations.

Furthermore, whether your surface is extremely damage or slightly disturbed, BSI flooring can renew your floor back with its original, flawless appearance it once gave off. Our skilled technicians work very hard to provide customers with hardwood flooring they can be proud of when their relatives or friends come for a visit. Also with our years of wood flooring experience and amazing customer reviews, your woodwork will be durable and environmentally friendly.

Finally, when looking out for the right flooring for your home or business needs, it always a nice idea to consult professional flooring companies like the BSI flooring firm before you even think of making any decision. Our company can help you with the different type of flooring as well as the different styles that will work best for your taste. There is nothing else that quite matches the proficiency and the professionally installed hardwood flooring from BSI flooring company.Still thinking on where to start from? You can start today by selecting engineered or solid wood flooring types. Then our hardwood specialists will help you find the right floor for your room and that matches your desire.