Your Professional Sanding and Renovation Wooden Floor Specialists

Having wooden flooring in your home is definitely an asset to your property. It is easy to clean and allergy free. Whether it is in your industrial property or it’s in a school, church or gym, it looks elegant, but if ignored over a period of time starts looking haggard and loses its sheen .The daily grime and dust requires attention. Homes with polishes wooden flooring is viewed as an investment not only in terms of personal relations but also professionally. You don’t want to entertain your friends or your business associates in a worn down apartment, home, or office. Wooden floorings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also viewed as an investment by adding value that withstands the weather, time, children, animals or the glass of wine. If left untreated, they are an eyesore and can cause serious damage in the future. This is where we come in, providing services for wooden flooring of all types.

Your Professional Sanding and Renovation Wooden Floor Specialists

Wooden flooring always requires repairs or restoration. We are specialists in wood floor sanding, installation, repairs and restoration. We pride ourselves in being an experienced wooden floor company which consistently supplies the highest standard of workmanship. We are a team of experienced people and we understand the flooring and its need, No matter how small is the area we will work with you closely to get you your desired results with no compromise. The materials used for sanding purpose are of the highest quality and there is absolutely no compromise in terms of quality.

We will assess your floor and preferably work on the old flooring but if that is not possible, then we move onto the repair and restoration. We start with large grit belts and remove all the old varnish, dust and grime. After that small grit belts are used so that the wood becomes smooth and no scratches are left. Then the cleaning begins and ends with two coats of varnish. After each step we hover and clean the floor so that there is not a speck of dust and this requires a lot of finesse, which we excel in, then do we proceed to buffering of the surface of the floor with immense care. The final step involves cleaning so that there is not a trace of anything left and then do we apply the next two coats of varnish.

Generally people say that getting restoration or sanding for wooden flooring done is  a task, but we pride ourselves in saying that you will be shocked as to how professionally and  in how less a time we finish our job. These two projects  are generally considered to cause a lot of dust and grime. But with our service you will be surprised as to how effectively we give you a dust free sanding and complete our job without any hassles to you whether at home or in office. It will be a cakewalk for you! We pride ourselves in being able to offer a fast and efficient service and a quick turnaround in your project.

Our services are provided in:

  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Gymnasiums
  • Retail outlets
  • Hotels
  • Dance floors
  • Spas
  • Museums
  • Community centres
  • Restaurants
  • Homes
  • Offices

Why us?

  • Professional floor sanding and floor restoration services
  • Dust free sanding
  • Available24/7
  • Willing to patiently listen to all your queries
  • Willing to answer each of your doubt or query no matter how small it is
  • We do domestic and commercial sanding service
  • We provide free quotes on your project
  • You will enjoy our flexibility and ability to work around your schedule
  • We use the best equipments and products

After we have finished with your sanding and restoration, we recommend you to have your wooden flooring sanded and refinished every five years. This ensures that the flooring remains in the best of conditions. Since sanding is an intricate set of process it requires immense attention to detail, care and patience. We have over 25 years of experience so we will naturally provide you the right solution which matches your flooring naturally. Along with sanding we also do restoration, repairing and replacement of wooden flooring.

If you feel that your flooring needs attention and is in need of expert care, do not hesitate to call us. We will come for a free home visit and provide you with a quote with no hidden charges. We provide 100% free estimates. Our staff is experienced fully trained and qualified. We pride ourselves in providing good services, excellent quality and affordability. With absolutely no compromise. We strive to deliver the best service and with the highest quality results and workmanship at the best price

We look forward to hearing from you.